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Sandra opened the door to her apartment, and walked in. "...And this is my place! What do you think?"
This question was directed at an unusual package that Sandra was carrying under her arm. This package was actually a young woman named Jenna, who Sandra had just met at a coffee shop. The reason that Jenna was being carried under Sandra's arm was because she was nothing more than a head with a pair of wiggling socked feet sticking out.


Jenna had met Sandra not an hour ago at the coffee shop, and the two had started talking; that in itself was unusual, since Jenna was a fairly introverted girl. Normally she would just sit by herself and relax after work, but when the friendly redhead sat down at the same table and started talking, they hit it off very well.
Then Jenna had made an off-hand comment about wishing she wasn't as tall as she was, and with a cry of "I can help you with that!" Sandra amazingly began to stretch like rubber! Before Jenna could react to this, the other girl had grabbed Jenna's wrists, and actually stretched her arms out too! Sandra wrapped Jenna's arms around her own body, and in a matter of moments somehow squeezed Jenna down to just a head and socked feet.
Sandra seemed very pleased with herself, despite Jenna's clear shock and nervousness, and decided to take the squished young girl home with her...


Sandra closed the door behind her, and stretched her arm out to place Jenna on a coffee table in the living room. Jenna's feet wiggled as she was placed on the cool wooden surface; it was the only movement she was capable of.
Jenna looked around nervously as best she could; everything that was happening to her was so surreal it was hard for her to stay focused on what was happening. She let out a shocked squeak as Sandra's head came into view on her elongated neck. "So how do you like being squished, Jenna?"
Jenna wiggled her toes helplessly. "'s...I don't did you do this to me? Is this permanent? What are you going to do with me?"
Sandra's body walked in and sat on the sofa in front of Jenna, her neck retracting. "Well, let's see...the 'how' is that I'm elastic, as you can see, and I have the ability to make other women elastic by touching them!" Sandra demonstrated by tying her arms in a knot, and then untying them.
"Now, as for being permanent..." she continued, "the answer is no. But you can't change your own shape, so you're going to be all cute and squished until I turn you back...not that you weren't cute before!"
Jenna blushed involuntarily at Sandra's comment, and rubbed her feet together. Sandra leaned down, and stretched her head towards Jenna with a smile on her face. "As for what I'm going to do...well, let's see..." Sandra's hand reached down and gently grasped the top of Jenna's head, and lifted her off the table.
Jenna's eyes widened in shock as she was lifted. Her feet wiggled helplessly in mid-air as Sandra's head moved up to follow. "I could...tickle your feet!" Sandra's other hand came up and started to tickle Jenna's socked soles.
"No! Wait, don't! HAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAA!!" Jenna's protests turned to laughter as Sandra's fingers elongated and stretched to tickle every part of her soft socked feet. All Jenna could do was laugh and try to cover one foot with the other, which wasn't that effective. All the while, Sandra smiled and watched the squished girl's reactions.
Sandra tickled the helpless Jenna for a good long time, until Jenna managed to cry out,  "STOP!!! HEAHAAHA!! I CAN'T BREATHE!!" Sandra stopped her assault on Jenna's feet, and said with a smile, "Sorry, I got a bit carried away there...let me make it up to you!"
Jenna panted, still being held in mid-air by Sandra's stretched arm. "Are...are you going to put me back to normal?" she asked, her feet rubbing together.
Sandra laughed, and pulled her legs onto the couch. "Oh, I'm not going to restore you for a while yet! What's wrong, don't you like just being a head and socked feet?"
The compressed girl started looking worried again. "'s not...I mean...I'm just so helpless like this! I can't do anything but wiggle my feet!"
Sandra reshaped her legs into a soft cushion, and laid Jenna on her back on it. Jenna felt herself sink a bit into Sandra's soft leg-cushion, and relaxed a little bit.
“See? You're enjoying being like this already,” Sandra said with a wink as she continued to massage Jenna's feet. “Just imagine if your boyfriend saw you like this! He'd love it!”
Jenna looked embarrassed. “Um, I don't have a boyfriend...”
“Oh. Girlfriend?”
Jenna looked even more embarrassed as her toes wiggled in Sandra's hands. “N-no,” she stammered. “I don't have a girlfriend.”
Sandra smiled. “Good. That means nobody'll be mad if I do this...” Sandra then stretched her neck out, and lowered her head down in front of Jenna, and before the squished girl could say anything, began to gently kiss her. Jenna’s eyes widened in shock; it was her first time kissing a girl, and she couldn’t help realizing how soft Sandra’s lips were, and how nice it felt being kissed while she was compressed. Sandra continued the kiss, still using her stretchy fingers to rub and caress Jenna’s soft feet.
Sandra broke off the kiss after a while, and retracted her head back to its normal position. She smiled down at Jenna, who was blushing a deep red, her toes still twitching in their white socks. “You’re a very good kisser, did you know that?” asked Sandra, stroking Jenna’s long red hair.
Jenna giggled, and said, “Th-thanks. So are you.”
The two girls sat on the couch, Sandra still running her hands over Jenna. Jenna smiled at the attention, and then after a while said, “So, um…don’t take this the wrong way, but…you are going to return me to normal at some point, right? I mean, I can’t stay like this forever…I couldn’t go to work at the library or anything like this!”
“Sure you could! You could be a paperweight, or a bookend…”
Jenna frowned. “That’s not funny! This is…I mean, it’s nice, but I don’t want everyone seeing me like this!”
Sandra laughed, and picked Jenna up. She returned her legs to normal, and placed Jenna under her arm. “I’m just teasing. Yes I’ll return you to normal later on…after all, if I don’t, I can’t change you into other things!” she said with a wink.
Jenna’s eyes widened. “Other things? Like what?”
Sandra looked down at Jenna, and grinned. “Now, now…I don’t want to spoil the surprise!”
The elastic girl then laid down on the couch, and moved Jenna so that the squished girl was pressed into Sandra’s soft breasts. Jenna gasped, but then relaxed and felt herself grin as she was nuzzled into her new friend’s chest. “But don’t worry,” continued Sandra, “I always take good care of my friends.”
Jenna giggled as she was gently pressed into Sandra’s chest. “Um, not that I’m ungrateful, because…I…I’m really enjoying all this, but I have to ask; why me? Why’d you squeeze me down and take me home with you?”
Sandra stood up, and held Jenna in front of her at eye height. “Well, I squeezed you down because I thought it’d be fun! And I brought you home because if I go too far away from you, you’ll pop back to normal. But I think I want to keep you like this for a while longer; it’s way too much fun to kiss you and play with your feet!”
Sandra then carried the squished girl into the bedroom and set her on the bed. Sandra kicked off her shoes and laid next to Jenna, again snuggling the toy-like girl into her breasts. Jenna blushed and wiggled her feet helplessly as she was held.
“So do you still want to be turned back, or would you like to play around like this for a while?” asked Sandra with a sultry grin.
Jenna rubbed her toes together, and answered, “Well…I don’t have to be anywhere tonight…” Jenna wasn’t sure where this new friendship was going to lead, or what else Sandra could do to her, but she knew it would be pretty fun to find out.
Welp, here's my first completely original story. Although it is kinda based off a short comic I co-worked on with :iconkecomaster:, so I don't know if that counts as "original"...

Anyway, this takes place after Squeeze Play, where Sandra takes her new friend back home to have a little fun with her. It's Jenna's first time being transformed, so I wanted to try to get the feeling of slow realization/acceptance across.

I hope you all like it!

Original comic:
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kikumeep10 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2010
nice story i love it!
You should make a picture to this story or at least a comic! <3
xcpolaris Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2009
great job, wish there were more like this
DJSeanD Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2009
Thanks! I hope you like the other stuff I have posted too :)
testiclecius Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008
Great story. Sandra wins Jenna's trust. That's what made this story good. :)
secret50k Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008
this is really really good. is another installment on the cards?
DJSeanD Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008
Hard to say; I'm not sure what I'd like to have happen after this.

That being said, there are more stories in the works.
Rogue7 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2008
Nice story :)
BalloonPrincess Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
Nicely done! Love these little comic side stories that people have done of others OCs. :)
RaptorPupil Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
i like this sequel a lot.
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